How to get ready for any occasion in 10 minutes


1.Wash your face with a facewash

when you are getting ready for any occasion you first need to have a fresh look and using face-wash helps you to get your face cells active so that your face get a refreshment.

Man combing washed hair at hairdresser

2.Comb your hair

Hair is a tea with toast which gives you a proper and a perfect look to your lifestyle {LevieStyle πŸ˜‰ }. To make a perfect hairstyle you can just use a comb and hairdryer for a unique style for me. For female, you can use the curls machine and straitening machine.

3. Choosing the cloth as per the Occasion.

Choosing a proper and right cloth for any occasion plays an important role to get attracted in between the crowds. If you wear non-occasion then the impact will be not good in front of crowds.

4.Apply natural makeup

Applying natural makeup keeps your skin healthy and the looks also gets the best. If you apply a cosmetic makeups then it can be noticed by anyone but natural product makeup will never revel your secrete. And natural make-up can be washed easily compare to cosmetic makeups.

5.Using The Perfumes

when you are ready with everything you just need to apply perfumes on your clothes so that when you visit your occasions you need to get surrounded with the fragrance which is also the good impression if you meet any person.


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