Best 5 Tips for Monsoon and Beach fashion

1. Wear Light Weight Cloths

monsoon has arrived and if you want to enjoy the monsoon with a great fashion and enjoy the rain. To enjoy the fashion you can wear is light cloths. The lightweight cloths help you to get the best look and if you get wet in the light clothes, the clothes can easily be dry.

2. Wearing shorts pants

Wearing short pants helps you to get comfortable when you want to get wet in the rains. wearing full pant increase more chances to spoil your pants it can be damaged due to wet and stretching if your pants get torn your style will not be that good as you want

3. Wearing sleepers

Wearing sleepers can help you to stay comfortable in the rain. But will suggest you not to wear any footwear in sea-coast. because once the slipper gets heavy due to sand present near the coast then you can face difficulty in walking near the sea coast.

4.Wearing a raincoat for a photo shootout

wearing a branded and a best look windcheater gives you a best fashion in your monsoon fashion. You can have a awesome photo shoot wearing a windcheater



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